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Child Abuse Prevention
Bullying Prevention Types
Physical: Kicking, shoving, tripping, punching, chocking, biting, hair-pulling, slapping, pinching, scratching, throwing objects, use of weapons.

Verbal: Name-calling, put-downs, cursing, swearing, yelling, threatening, gossiping, spreading rumors, writing notes, betraying a confidence, talking about someone’s family.

Emotional: Mocking, rolling eyes, pointing and laughing, drawing a caricature, using finger/hand signs, making a fist, excluding, ostracizing, rejecting, blackmailing.

Sexual: Sexual harassment, coercion, making fun of someone’s body, discriminating because of gender, comments about sexual orientation, touching someone inappropriately.

Cyber: Internet bullying via chat rooms, blogs, instant messaging, emails and text messages, cyberostracism, personal webpages.

For more information about KCSL’s Bullying Prevention program contact us at 877-530-5275 ext. 1343.

If you have questions about a bullying situation please call our 24 hour Parent & Youth Resource Hotline at 1-800-332-6378 or 1-800-CHILDREN.
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