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Planned Giving FAQ's
What is planned giving?
Planned giving is an opportunity for one to provide charitable gifts that create extraordinary opportunities and preserve KCSL’s future. These gifts typically include bequests, gifts of life insurance policies, charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

What are the advantages of making a planned gift?
A planned gift can help you achieve tax and financial goals, but more importantly this gift will assist you in achieving your philanthropic goals. Planning such as this will allow you to be able to make a larger gift than might otherwise have been possible in your lifetime.

Can I specify how I would like my gift to be used?
Yes, you are able to direct your gift towards any program within KCSL. It is recommended this decision is discussed with the organization.

Will my estate receive a tax receipt for the value of a gift?
Yes, after your gift is received, KCSL will issue to your estate an official tax receipt for the donation.

Why should I consider Kansas Children’s Service League in my estate planning?
When an individual includes KCSL in their will, they will forever leave a legacy that will continue to support their community for many generations.

Why should I let Kansas Children’s Service League know about my planned gift if it will not actually benefit for years to come?
By informing KCSL you are allowing them to be aware of a future source of income. With this knowledge, they can better prepare for the future. This enhances your initial act of generosity.

Who can I talk with to start planning my gift for KCSL?
If you are interested in establishing a gift for the KCSL Foundation, contact President and CEO, Dona Booe, at 784-274-3100 ext. 1423 or by Email.

Who will my gift help?
Your gift can help children like Natalie.

Each year, Kansas children are harmed as a result of child abuse and neglect. Natalie was one of those children. Here is her story:

Natalie was born on March 8, 2005. She was my first grandchild and would have turned 5 this year. Nattie, as I called her, was a beautiful little girl with curly red hair. She had a contagious personality and would light up a room with her cute smile.

By age 3, Nattie had developed a love for music, people and life itself. Music was a joy Nattie and I both shared; we would spend hours listening to music together. For her second Christmas, I bought her a toy grand piano. I was looking forward to her taking piano lessons and one day playing.

On Nov. 20, 2008, Nattie died of injuries consistent with child abuse and being shaken. Losing her was devastating to our family and we will miss her each and every day. Although Nattie is gone, her sweet spirit remains in our hearts.

I hope that by sharing her story, you will join me in supporting the efforts of Kansas Children's Service League to prevent child abuse and neglect.

—Gary D. Perry, Wichita

To learn how you can make a difference contact Dona Booe at 785-274-3100 ext. 1423 or by Email.

What is the most popular type of planned gift?
A charitable gift is the most common form of planned giving. This type of planned gift is typically an agreement in which you transfer cash or other assets to a charitable organization like KCSL in exchange for its promise to pay you an annuity for life.

How do I know what the right kind of gift for me is?
The simplest way to learn about the right kind of gift is to speak with your financial planner or advisor. If you do not already have a financial planner or advisor, KCSL staff and some of our Society of 1893 Members have worked with, and can recommend financial planners and advisors to assist you with the process.
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