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Explanation of Fees and Services

Application Fees are processing fees for the paperwork/forms submitted by the adoptive parents. Kansas families will be charged $250.00. Out-of State families will pay $500.00 to cover the cost of ICPC (Interstate Compact). This fee is due a the time of contract.

Home Assessment Fee: The home assessment fee is $1,000. The home assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of the adoptive family and all aspects of their life to ensure that the placement of a child in the home will be safe and healthy. The home assessment is completed by a licensed social worker and reviewed by the family prior to approval. The home assessment is reviewed by the program supervisor. A copy of the completed home assessment can be given to the family upon request.

Home Assessment Update Fee: At times a family will already have had a home assessment completed by another agency. If the home assessment is over a year old or does not contain all the information needed for the adoption an updated home assessment would be completed. The home assessment update fee is $250.00. A copy of the completed updated assessment can be given to the family upon request.

Program Entrance Fee: The program entrance fee is $5,000. This fee covers establishing and maintaining the family file, assistance in creating and reviewing the family’s adoptive profile and presenting the family’s profile to prospective birth parents. It also includes, networking the profile with other agencies when appropriate. At this time the birth parent services covered are, but not limited to; counseling sessions, individual service plan, weekly visits with the birth parent to assist with on-going support for the decision of placing the child for adoption, transportation to appointments, budget planning and bill payment. Additionally, birth parents will receive support in completing genetic profile, social history, genogram and ecomap.

Matching Fee: This fee is due at the time of the match with the prospective birth parents. This fee is $6,500. The fee includes facilitating meeting(s) and/or communication with the prospective birth parent(s) and family, providing pre-adoption education, assistance and support and pre-registration at the hospital for both the birth parent and the adoptive parent. This also includes gathering birth parent medical and social background information, individualized support for the birth parent and family while at the hospital during labor and delivery. If this match is not successful then the funds are held until another match is made.

Placement Fee: The placement fee is due once the baby is placed in your home. This fee is $10,000. Services covered by this fee is agency representation at the birth parent and family court hearings, monthly post placement visits until the adoption is finalized in court, paternity testing if needed and is determined on a case by case basis, post adoption supervision as requested, and agency operational costs.

Birthmother Related Living Expenses: These expenses can range from $0 to $3,000. From Heart to Home Infant Adoption makes every effort to identify anticipated expenses. Families may place a cap on these expenses if necessary, although it may have an impact on the match. The average birth parent living expenses through From Heart to Home is $1,500.

Medical Expenses: These expenses can range from $0 to $10,000. From Heart to Home Infant Adoption does everything in their power to ensure the birth mother is covered by insurance, either through Medicaid or private insurance. The baby’s medical expenses might be covered by Medicaid or the adopting parent’s medical insurance. Any medical expenses not covered by the birth mother or the baby by Medicaid or insurance will be an out of pocket expense.

Attorney Expenses: The adoptive family will need to retain an adoption attorney. Fees are paid directly to the attorney. These fees can range from $1,500 to $5,000.

Payment of all fees, deposits, placement expenses and medical costs when applicable are required before adoptions may be legally finalized. All fees paid to KCSL From Heart to Home Infant Adoption are non-refundable.
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