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Types of Adoption

Private Adoptions: A private adoption is one in which no adoption agency is involved. These types of adoptions are usually done through an attorney. The birthparents will relinquish their parental rights directly to the adoptive family.

Facilitated Adoptions: This type of adoption involves a person or organization that will often act as an intermediary (or facilitator) to match up or bring together a prospective adoptive parent with a birth mother wishing to place her child. An intermediary or child adoption facilitator is any person or entity that is not an approved or licensed child adoption agency. Kansas strictly prohibits any use of child adoption facilitators or intermediaries.

International Adoptions: The adoption of a child from a country outside of the United States.

Agency Adoption: In an agency child adoption you are being helped by an agency that is licensed in their state to place children for adoption. They have a license and the responsibility to watch out for adoptive families, birth parents and the child. The licensed child adoption agency will typically screen all birth parents and obtain complete medical history. The adoption agency can also help coordinate the birth mother’s prenatal and hospital care to help make sure the birth mother and the baby receives the best care. The agency can also provide counseling to the birth parents, and therefore reduce the chances of the birth parents changing their mind. The agency will also ensure that the adoptive family and birth parents have met all the requirements of the states involved and provide a full range of professional services as they are needed.
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