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Some good questions:

Who chooses the adoptive parents for my baby?
You do. Based on what’s important to you for your child, From Heart to Home Kansas Infant Adoption will provide you with no fewer than 3-5 carefully screened prospective adoptive families to choose from. You will then review their profiles to learn more about each family; including personal histories, health information, education and profession, and their views on child rearing. Depending on the type of adoption you choose for you and your baby, you may have the opportunity to meet and get to know the family you select prior to adoption.

Will I get to hold my baby?
That’s your decision. You and your birth parent social worker will develop a birth plan that details what you would like in regards to your desires when your baby is born and other considerations prior to the your baby’s birth.

Will the adoptive parents take good care of my child?
Prospective adoptive parents are carefully screened and give a great deal of information about themselves prior to being shown as a possible family for your baby. The adoptive families complete extensive national and local background checks. They are visited in their home several times by a social worker and must provide personal references. By the time the From Heart to Home Kansas Infant Adoption program approves individuals for adoption, the professional staff have gotten to know them very well and feel confident they will make good parents for your child.

Will my child wonder why I placed him (or her) for adoption?
Probably. But infant adoption today is a lot different from that of decades ago. Most adopted adults realize that their birth parents placed them for adoption out of love and because it was the best possible gift they could give their child at that time in their life.

Is open or close infant adoption right for me?
Actually, there are four basic types of infant adoptions: confidential adoptions, closed adoptions, semi-open adoptions and open adoptions. As the birth parent, you can specify which type of best for you and your child.
  • Confidential adoptions: In a confidential adoption, the birth parents and adoptive parents never know each other. Adoptive parents are given medical background information about the birth parents. No contact takes place and no identifying information is exchanged either before or after the birth of the child.
  • Closed adoptions: In a closed adoption, the birth parents and adoptive parents would possibly have more un-identifying information and may meet, however, no continued contact or communication is planned after the birth of your baby. Access to finding a birth parent is limited by law and must be by mutual agreement at the time the child is of legal age.
  • Semi-open adoptions: In a semi-open adoption, the birth parents and adoptive parents would have un-identifying information. The adoptive parents could be present at the birth of your baby and may have met the birthparents before the birth. All correspondence (letters, pictures, etc) after finalization is sent through the agency or third party.
  • Open adoptions: In an open adoption, the adoptive parents and birth parents share identifying information. The adoptive parents and birth parents develop an adoption plan that is comfortable to them for themselves and the child. Communication may include letter, emails, calls or visits. The frequency of contact is negotiated and can range from every few years to several times a year. Contact with your child can change over time.
Why am I placing my child for adoption?
If your answer is because it is what you, or you and your partner think is best for you and your child, then it is a good decision. Now it is time to move forward and not feel guilty. We can help. Text 785-213-2571 (24/7) or call 877-581-5437 anytime to talk with a From Heart to Home Kansas Infant Adoption birth parent counselor.
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